The first half of 2015 registered the consolidation of the lines acquired from P&G. During the same period, the Brand recorded a progressive enlargement in the distribution of Replay Essential, the first flanker product launched by Mavive. Its launch immediately enjoyed excellent sales results, and Relay Essential For Him was judged the best masculine fragrance in the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards of 2015. Recognitions of this calibre constitute very important outcomes and, as the first fragrance signed by Replay and developed by the Mavive team, they are also a source of great satisfaction to everyone concerned. 
In this spirit, the strategy of Mavive is to build relationships with the distributors in different countries, and one of its main objectives is to improve the positioning of the Brand in the perfumery sector. The first step was taken in September 2014 with the launch of Relover, a line that features a provocative design in both products, Relover and the Bullet.  
The first markets that Relover entered were Italy, Belgium, and Holland, where the awareness of the Brand is very high. In the United Kingdom, the Brand was initially distributed exclusively at Beauty Base. The distribution was subsequently expanded to include Savers, a chain with 300 domestic points of sale and 1 million visitors per week. The upcoming markets to be covered will be Hungary (Douglas and Marionnaud), Switzerland (Manor), the Czech Republic (an exclusive distribution through the chain, Fann Parfumérie, is still under negotiation), and Finland (launch estimated for the second half of 2015). Outside of Europe, Relover was launched in the Middle-East with high visibility in UAE (Beauty Base) and Iran (Kish Island), along with Thailand and Singapore (SaSa chain) in July. In September, the line will be launched in Indonesia (C&F chain) and before the end of the year it will also enter the Paraguay market. 
The launch of REPLAY STONE generated great interest because it represents the perfect transposition of the heritage of the Brand. The creation of this Eau de Toilette, in both versions For Him and For Her, was inspired by one of the most iconic washing techniques used on the denim fabric. For this project, the commitment and efforts by Mavive were very important in terms of both the development of the new design, and the investment in the communication campaign. The ongoing launch of the line aims to enhance the positioning of the Brand in the perfumery sector, and appropriately, the relevant expectations are very high.   
Replay Stone was presented to the domestic market on the 31st of August, and it will be presented to the international markets on the occasion of the Cannes Fair. 
The overall objective is to have a shelf presence in all the main markets by the end of 2015. 
In its two versions, Eau de Toilette For Him and Eau de Parfum For Her, the ongoing distribution of the twin fragrance in the main chains throughout different countries recorded a very positive response. 

In the first half of the year, the new twin fragrance, True Replay, was launched as the latest flanker products of the lines, Jeans Spirit and Jeans Original. True Replay embodies the most urbane and contemporary soul of the Brand. This dual fragrance is enriched with innovative details and materials such as, the metallic label that mirrors Replay's iconic button, and the interestingly modelled box. The product was launched in the domestic market in April, and since June has been distributed throughout the main Hungarian chains with a total of 500 points of sale (Douglas, Muller, Rossman, and DM). The product entered the Swedish market in July (Ahlens and Kiks), and in September it will also be launched in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland (Douglas), and Holland (Ici Paris).