Regarding the perfumery Brands, the first half of 2015 confirms the trends registered in late 2014. Due to the strong Brand awareness of Zippo, along with the continuous launching of new product lines, the sales figures remain the same. Zippo Original is confirmed as the best seller at the international level, while the feminine lines recorded a slight decrease, due to the masculine-oriented DNA of the Brand. The lines dedicated to youth continue to achieve excellent results. This is an important signal regarding the awareness of the Brand, particularly among young people, who are always on the look-out for new products. In Poland, the masculine fragrance, Zippo Breakzone, recorded impressive results. It was voted the best masculine fragrance of 2015, and subsequently awarded the Qltowy Kosmetyk Award, bestowed in the in the form of an elegant statuette. 

The new Zippo Mythos was launched during the first half of 2015 and is already well positioned in the European countries. This was an important step for the Band because the product features a completely new design. Between March and April, Zippo Mythos was distributed throughout the selective perfumery shops in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and France. The Brand also decided to distribute the product on an exclusive basis in Austria (Marionnaud), and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Fann Parfumérie, 50% market share). Regarding the Middle-East, the first market to distribute Zippo Mythos was Saudi Arabia, followed by the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. In May, the Brand also presented a new twin-line, Popzone, already present in the domestic market and one that is now undergoing distribution throughout the main international markets. Due to the immediate positive response regarding its design and fragrance, the expectations for Popzone are appropriately very high. 

Currently, the Brand is in the process of developing different projects. For instance, GLORIOU.S. is an interpretive, superb creation by Mavive based on the DNA of Zippo, one that expresses the concepts represented by the Brand throughout the world (American lifestyle, strength, independence, and freedom). The design of this new Eau de Toilette is inspired and exemplifying, and is destined to become a prominent icon for the Brand. This project by Zippo will be presented to the international markets on the occasion of the Cannes Fair in October. The objective of the Brand is to insert this new product in the main markets by the end of 2015. In the domestic market, Zippo Gloriou. s. will be presented and launched in early 2016, on the occasion of the first trade perfumery convention in January. 

The other new creations by Zippo will be presented between the end of 2015 and early 2016, and they will confirm the international success already obtained by the more strategic lines. The first line to be launched will be Zippo The Original, one that has been revisited in both its design and its positioning. From the commercial point of view, the expectations for Zippo The Original are high.