Passion: It is what adds value to and guides our daily work. Passion is the fundamental ingredient in the realization of our products and in the constant ongoing and supportive relationship we have with our clientele.

Experience: It is the founding principle of our work and is fundamental in dealing with an increasingly dynamic and competitive world. The experience and the continuity of our managerial staff constitute the bedrock of our company.

Excellence: Mavive forever aims for nothing less than excellence. In fact, our company is renowned in the sector for its professionalism and reliability.We, along with our partners, have a common objective: satisfying our clientele.

The professional objective of Mavive is to create and market its products in order to produce value that is sustainable in the long term for its shareholders, partners, employees, and consumers.

Our mission consists in creating high quality goods by seeking innovative solutions and intelligent products for today's lifestyles. The olfactory research and the subsequent product development are the most important objectives of our activity and constitute an ongoing daily commitment.