BMW and Mavive sign a licensing agreement

Venice, September 19 th 2023 - Mavive Spa have announced a global licensing agreement with Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft ("BMW") for the worldwide development, production and distribution of the first ever BMW fragrance line.

At the core of the partnership is BMW's DNA as a human-centric brand, committed to human insights that redefine our horizons by creating an optimistic view of what lies ahead. In line with BMW Lifestyle's positioning strategy, the fragrance line is the first entry for the brand into the beauty industry.

The fragrance line is an embodiment of BMW's brand core "Freude forever." This is demonstrated in a scents' power to allow emotions to travel, affording movement of not only the senses, but also a journey to new, unexpected perspectives. It's the constant striving for brave, new experiences that BMW has championed and will continue to put at the forefront of all its brand endeavors. The fragrances tie into the BMW brand's ability to spark the freedom to capture memorable and meaningful moments, all while paving the way for positivity and responsibility.

"Creating a FREUDE Moment, is the backbone of the strategic positioning of the fragrance line, and we'll weave in that positioning across development and distribution, ensuring the fragrances are acatalyst for a memorable and meaningful moment." says Stefan Karch, the Global Head of BMW Lifestyle.

Parallels to BMW in terms of excellence in design, development and production made Mavive an obvious choice as partner. With Italian roots and an international vision, Mavive's innovative expertise in a saturated industry ensures the BMW fragrance line sets itself apart. After 18 months of intense collaboration, the fragrances will be presented on an international stage during the tax free TFWA exhibition in Cannes in October 2023.

"It has been an honor for me that BMW, world's leading premium manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, has chosen Mavive as global licensing partner for the development and distribution of the first fragrance line. It will be an innovative and creative project, representing the universal language of the senses that BMW uses to talk to its customer's heart." Declares Massimo Vidal, CEO of Mavive.

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