Financial Results - 1st Half 2022

Mavive closed H1 2022 grows by +23% compared to the same period in 2021: this result is even more significant when compared to the 2 pre-pandemic financial years on the strength of stable growth of +31% over 2019, +18% over 2018.

Exports in the first half of the year accounted for 68% of the entire turnover produced: growth over 2021 is +19% and when compared to 2019 and 2018 is +45% and +17% respectively.

Internationally, markets are growing overall, particularly those in the Far East (+100%), the Americas (+32%) and Oceania (+66%).

Europe, a mature market, accounted for 56% of all exports and remained stable despite the repercussions of the war in Ukraine.

The Italian market also reacted positively with +20% in H1 2021.

E-commerce, although still a small share of the business and in the start-up phase, maintains its double-digit growth trend.

The procurement policy for raw materials and components was adjusted in response to the shocks caused by the price increases resulting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, limiting the impact on the reduction of margins and maintaining a level of inventories appropriate to the growth in turnover: on 30 June 2022, the Break-Even Point was nevertheless reached.

Careful management of working capital, focus on inventory turnover together with a balanced management of the collection-payment flow allowed the net financial position and cash-flow to increase in positive terms.

The financial planning for the near future envisages the allocation of resources to the financing of major investments for the development of the currently managed brand portfolio, as well as its expansion both with the conclusion, currently being finalised, of a major licence agreement for a world-famous brand and the development of a new proprietary brand.

All the company's brands are performing very well, both in terms of sell-in and sell-out.

Furla : + 62%

Ermanno Scervino: +11%

POLICE: +20% of which Export +18% and Italy +24%.

The Merchant of Venice: +70% of which Export +72% and Italy +65%.

Monotheme: +33%

Pino Silvestre: Export  +113%

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