New leadership announcements at Mavive: Marco Vidal CEO and Marcello Mengarelli Managing Director

During the last Board of Directors' meeting on 28 March, two important decisions concerning the company's leadership were made: Marco Vidal took over the role of CEO and Marcello Mengarelli that of Managing Director, maintaining his current responsibilities within the International Sales Management.

Marco Vidal has tackled the general management of the company with the utmost commitment over the last few years, bringing it out of the difficulties of the pandemic and, thanks to a functional set-up suited to the challenges, he has been able to put it back on a path of robust growth.

Marcello Mengarelli, thanks to his professionalism and commitment, was able to boost the potential of the international markets demonstrating managing skills that have been rewarded by expanding his duties.

Both of them now have the objective of taking Mavive towards increasingly significant goals, where they are fully involved in the aim to keep the family structure of the Company with policies linked to the maintenance of ownership, guaranteeing a vision of healthy growth and respect for sustainability and welfare practices.

Massimo Vidal will maintain his position as President monitoring the business management with the certainty of having transferred an important asset such as the Company into the hands of the collaborators who have best known how to interpret the philosophy of conscious entrepreneurs and counting on a high professional team.

The growth of the entire team, the enhancement of the employees and the leading role of the function heads will be fundamental for Mavive to achieve and exceed the goals set for the coming years.

To this extent, external collaborations, including the creative direction of Renato Montagner, creative director of Tag Heuer and Dainese, who will support Mavive's marketing team in the development of new products, will bring additional boost.

"This important evolution of our organizational chart" - remarked Massimo Vidal - "represents a further step towards the conclusion of the generational transition that my wife and I have long wanted to bring to a successful accomplishment, and our desire to give a long-term vision to our business. We wish the management team and all internal and external collaborators good work and success in their professional growth."

Mavive President

Massimo Vidal

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