Perfume Profession: from creation to market

After the great success of the previous editions, the University of Padua, one of the oldest universities in the world, is also proposing for the 2023-24 academic year an innovative and unprecedented training program to support an extremely dynamic but also highly specialized, that of perfumery.

The Higher Education Course (CAF) "Perfume profession: from creation to the market" is designed by the “Marco Fanno” Department of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Padua in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mavive Spa , a historic company operating in the sector.

This is a training program that follows the now twenty-year experience of excellence of the Master Business and Management Frangrance and Cosmetics of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences of Padua with the Department of Pharmacy, ISIPCA (École Supérieure de la Production de la Mode et du Luxe) and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines which attracts students from all over the world every year.

The CAF Profession Perfume

The Advanced Training Course is aimed at individuals already employed in the perfumery and cosmetics sector or wishing to enter it and will address both the scientific topics and the entrepreneurial aspects linked to the research, development and launch of new perfumes.

Through the constant alternation of theoretical lessons, exercises, laboratories, case studies and testimonies starting from the historical and technical-scientific aspects of fragrances, the course aims to enable participants to acquire skills to access management roles, for example in sector of distribution and retail, communication and marketing of perfume understood as a cosmetic product, as well as training professionals capable of using the peculiarities and tools that characterize the areas indicated in order to develop technical and managerial skills.

The perfumery sector requires in-depth and highly specialized skills and in its international dimension requires constant updating with respect to market trends, the evolution of specific regulatory standards and product innovations.

Training contents

The course covers the two thematic areas business-management and technical-scientific.

The business-management area addresses issues related to the perfume sector at a national and international level: structure, size and evolution of the markets, main players and price dynamics, corporate governance, market segments, business models, digitalisation, corporate communication , competitive advantage, distribution channels, e-commerce and multi-channel perfumes, olfactory marketing, sales planning, perfume sales techniques.

The technical-scientific area covers issues related to the technical aspects of business, the value chain of perfumes and fragrances, product planning: the path from raw materials to perfume, the evaluation of a perfume, packaging, communication, the differences between well-known perfumes and fragrances, the olfactory pyramid, personalized fragrances, the history and culture of perfume, niche perfumes.

The laboratory activities will be carried out in the laboratories made available by the Museum of Costume, Fabric and Perfume of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice which will allow students to acquire training as fragrance evaluators and to learn about the historical elements that are still used today as the key to success of many products.

The course provides 78 hours of teaching in dual mode (presence + online) with attendance on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings and afternoons, therefore particularly suitable for working students.

Professors from the University of Padua, researchers, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs with in-depth international expertise and experience in the perfumery sector will alternate in the classroom.

The CAF will take place between March and July 2024 with two meetings per month. Pre-registrations must be received, following the instructions in the selection notice, by 20 February 2024 at 12.30 pm at the following link -perfume-from-creation-to-market

For information:

Tel. 049 827 1228-9

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