PATCHOULY LEAVES Eau de Toilette For Him
PATCHOULY LEAVES Eau de Toilette For Him

PATCHOULY LEAVES Eau de Toilette For Him

Created in Venice, Monotheme Classic is a collection of masculine and feminine Eau de Toilettes that is both admired for its high quality and classically elegant style, and for the presence of a prevalent raw ingredient. This collection is addressed to women and men who love to wear products that are the epitome of classical taste and who, rather than following the ephemeral, ever mercurial latest trends, prefer instead an everlasting elegance. Elegance is also unmistakably evident in the glass bottles of 100 ml, a design which expertly highlights the noble character of the fragrance, being at the same time the distinctive element of the line. The unique character of the ingredient becomes a design element.


The essence of Patchouli is native to Asia. Its sweet and rounded notes, coupled to its aphrodisiac virtues, have a long tradition in perfumery. Fresh and stable in the head notes, sweet and embracing at the base, this fragrance ideally combines contemporanea and sensuality, virility and elegance, along with a hint of transgression.

Olfatory Pyramid

Heart Notes


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