Pino Silvestre enters in the archive of the great classics of international perfumery

Pino Silvestre Original is a men's fragrance created in 1955 by perfumer Lino Vidal in Venice, Italy. Its green pinecone-shaped bottle, with a strong "natural" connotation, has become as iconic as its fragrance.

This woody, coniferous and citrusy scent is a timeless classic that has crossed decades and boundaries by being strikingly modern with its facets of pine needles, oakmoss and juniper needles.

In 2023, an agreement was signed with the prestigious French museum Osmothèque, Conservatoire International des parfums, to include Pino Silvestre in the archive of the great classics of international perfumery. The institution, based in Versailles on the campus of the ISIPCA school of perfumery, has the mission of preserving the formulas of perfumes that have made history, dedicating itself to the transmission of the culture of the world of perfume, a value also shared by Mavive through its many activities and partnerships in the territory, starting with the section dedicated to perfume in the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo. 

Mavive then provided the original formula of the fragrance written by Lino Vidal in 1955, which was rediscovered and reconstructed by nose Thomas Fontaine, president of the Osmothèque, and was presented in Paris on March 21, National Perfume Day in Italy.

A few days later, the same olfactory reconstruction was presented by the French institution at the Esxence fair in Milan. In fact, for the 2023 edition, the Osmothèque wanted to take part by paying homage to Italy through a careful selection of fragrances that, each in its own way, tell the story of this country's privileged link with perfume. Drawing from the museum's diverse collections, a timeline was thus constructed, in which Pino Silvestre represents a key chapter.

Pino Silvestre's entry into the Osmothèque's olfactory archive will also be presented in Venice, at the Palazzo Mocenigo Museum, and is the beginning of a collaboration between Osmothèque, Mavive and the Perfume Museum that will continue in the years to come.

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